Mindful Decluttering

6-Week Course

Has a home decluttering project been stuck on your to-do list?


Would you like to work through it with the support of a professional organizer and a coach—without the expense of one-on-one sessions with two pros?

Are you curious about how a mindful mindset can help you declutter and organize with more calm, clarity, and lasting results?

A professional organizer and a life coach will help you complete a home decluttering project with hands-on skills and a mindful approach.

Course Includes

Three 90-minute group classes:

January 25

February 8

February 22

2:30pm - 4:00pm

2 hours

one-on-one coaching
by phone

Membership in private Facebook group and ongoing support via text or email


LOCATION: 929 BARTON DR., ANN ARBOR, MI 48105 (Northside Community Church)

FOR MORE INFORMATION:              Mollyjuliea2@gmail.com

Course Leaders

Molly Boren

Certified Professional Organizer® and founder of

Simplicity Works Decluttering and Organizing Services

Julie Woodward, MSW

Life Coach and founder of Mindful Awakenings;

Mindfulness Instructor and cofounder of

Mindful City Ann Arbor

Course Content


Coaching Session #1: January 13 – January 22, 2020 

Talk with Molly individually for 30 minutes to identify your goals for your decluttering/organizing project,
what space you would like to declutter/organize, and address concerns related to your project.


Class # 1 Saturday, January 25: Mindfulness and Decluttering

In a supportive group environment, experience mindfulness practices
that support decluttering and provide tools to 
help move through your obstacles.
Learn how to set up and use a sorting station to simplify decluttering.
Schedule time for your project, including using resources for donating and recycling.


Coaching Session #2: January 27 – February 8 

30-minute individual coaching session with Julie to identify obstacles to beginning and completing your project.
Practice effective tools for moving through obstacles to complete decluttering and organizing tasks.


Class # 2 Saturday, February 8: Mindfulness and Organizing

Group discussion of experiences with and strategies for decluttering. Practice Mindfulness of Body and Breath,
Self-Acceptance, and Self-Compassion. Envision your decluttered and organized space
as a way to create action steps toward completing your project.

Learn how to organize your space by choosing where and how to store
items that are worth keeping, and the best (and the worst!) containers for organizing.


Coaching session #3: February 10 – February 22

30-minute individual coaching session with Molly to check in on your progress with your
decluttering and organizing projects.


Class # 3 Saturday, February 22: Mindfulness and Maintenance

Group discussion and re-cap on how decluttering and organizing are related to mindfulness.
Mindful Self-Compassion practices that support sustainable maintenance of home organization. 
Learn strategies that help maintain the organized space you have created, including
quick routines, on-the-fly mini-projects, and seasonal projects.


Coaching Session #4: February 24 – February 29

30-minute individual coaching session with Julie to create your plan to follow through
with your decluttering, organizing and maintenance plans.